Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Pain

Dearest Trick~
I fear I never really knew what pain was. Sure I have had pain in my life,
 but nothing comes close to this.
 How does one put this type of pain in words??
 It is like having a million paper cuts and every minute of everyday being covered in salt
 and then having it rubbed in hard.
 It is like being in the deep end of the pool and you can't swim.
 It is like running from the bad guy in a horror movie and you can't scream and there
 lacks to be an end to the movie.
 It is like not being able to breathe for long periods of time, and when you
 finally get a gasp of air the world punches you in the gut. It is like being lost with no water 
or food and you are starving to death. It is like walking on two broken legs that never have 
been able to heal. It is like having every hair in your head slowly
pulled out one by one. And all of this would be easy compared to the pain that must be
 endured living in a world without 

When I held you that last time in the hospital no one told me that I was about to walk 
into the worst pain. No one said a 
girl who has so many words (like I do) would never be able to express what this pain is like.
 And so I dance in the pain as it
is needed in order for me to grow. I let it in as I know I must feel it in order to still feel you.
 I can only pray that you 
are no longer in pain. And one day when we meet again this pain will seem so long ago and so simple. 
Around the world and back again~

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