Saturday, March 30, 2013


 Dearest Trick~
Life is like a kaleidoscope. It has these beads in beautiful colors that mix and toss to create patterns and views that can take ones breath away.  The more we grow, the more we turn, the more we see new images, new pictures with the beads of our life.  And at times when all becomes too busy, when daily routine gets the better of us… there is always this amazing kaleidoscope waiting for us to notice the exquisiteness that is made with all that we already have inside of who we are.

As I walk in this new world I find myself in, it is easy (as I am sure it is for most of us) to see only blur. To think that the beauty was something that once was, a delectable splendor that only lived in a world that you were a part of. I have thought that now I am handed a new kaleidoscope that somehow lacks to have the vibrance I remember life having. But last night as I walk in the silence and darkness I looked up to the sky. And there in the black I find the beauty in the stars. I see that the sky is still the same it once was. And thus, the kaleidoscope of life continues.

You see, that's what's brilliant about this whole concept of a kaleidoscope, the beads are always there, it's always the same pieces just mixed in new ways to form new beautiful visions. So I never truly lost you. My kaleidoscope never truly broke. The beads are not gray now. I just needed to come to realize, that even though life has changed… Even though this view is extremely different… The beads that you added to my life are still there. And so in this miraculous way, you get to be a part of the beautiful views that are yet to be seen in my life.

When one goes through any traumatic event it is so easy to give in. It is extremely simple to just cover-up, give up, see the blankness, dance in the horror. But to embrace the beauty… To allow the tantalizing colors of all that surround us to enter and touch your soul, that is what the Kaleidoscope  of life is all about. And for the rest of my days on earth I shall happily view all of the beautiful colors that get mixed into amazing patterns that become the essence of who I am. Thank you for putting the most beautiful of beads into the kaleidoscope I call my life. Miss you more than you'll ever know.
~Around the world and back again