Saturday, September 24, 2011

Dinner for one

Dearest Trick~
It is no fun making dinner for one. Meals are more than just food. They are a time to reflect on the day, a time to feed the soul, a time to share of yourself, a time to listen, a time to talk, a time to be part of more than just what enters our mouths. Something that we all do ~ dinner. Something that for so long I took for granted. Yes, I know that often with opposite schedules we did not get to eat those meals of life together. But when we did ~ it was magical. I thought I put on a pedestal the chances we had cook our lives, sauté our ideas and simmer our experiences. But now I realize that I did take it all for granted as I thought the opportunity to have such “meals of life” was endless!
How hard it is to pull out pots and pans, to chop and mix for just me. It seems useless to do all that “work” for one. Food lacks to taste good anymore. I find myself eating what is needed, what is easy. The art of creating meals has lost its appeal. But I find that in the weird moments when I enjoy being in the kitchen you are with me. I hear your voice in the bubbling of water, I hear your laugh in the sizzling of oil. I miss you. I miss wanting to eat ~ wanting to feed all of who I am,  I miss feeding YOU. 
Around the world and back again~

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  1. I can NOT remember the last time I cooked a meal with or for someone. It has always been to me one of the true spiritual and meaningful pleasures of life. Communal meals are a critical and positive component of human culture and of simply being and feeling human in the best sense. What I really saying is Al, have the kitchen ready in Feb. when I get there cause Mr. Rosso and Mrs. DeVeny are gonna do Julia Childs proud!