Thursday, September 29, 2011


Dearest Trick~
The pain, the darkness is more than I can put into words. I have found yoga to be the one time when I am so connected to you. The one time when I can shut off the pain, push the darkness away and “just be”. It is a place for me to grow, to heal, to learn. I twist my body into new positions I never thought possible, just as I twist my life into new directions in order to function.
This week we learned about our Guru. I always pictured some bald , tanned man who was older, wise, sitting with legs crossed wrapped in robes. I always thought a Guru was this all knowing old man on a hill type of person. That he would speak in metaphors and you would need to THINK about every word he said to truly understand what lessons he was teaching. I learned that I was wrong. That I had misconceptions for what and who MY guru is!
You see my love, a GURU at the core is someone who brings you light in the darkness. A GURU is the one who teaches you about yourself and how to experience this life we are given to the fullest. You my dear, you are my GURU. You have taught me how to laugh in the rain. You have taught me how to love the underdog ~ hey you made me a Cubs fan, need I say more. You taught me to believe in myself. You taught me that anything is possible if you just dream. You taught me to enjoy the climb when getting up the mountain of life. You taught me to face my fears, okay you laughed at my fears (especially when it came to Halloween and my irrational fear of the boogie man). You taught me to try new things. You taught me that failure is not real, as even when you lack to succeed you learn something new. You taught me that good is GREAT. You taught me to play with toys no matter how old I get. You taught me that passion for something silly is better then no passion at all. You taught me that we could never be poor (no matter how little money was in the bank) because we were “givers” and rich in goodness. You taught me to smile in the rough times. You taught me that tears clean the soul. You taught me so many things.
You are my Guru. You are my bald man in the “sky” teaching me lessons even from afar. You are wise beyond the short amount of years you got to grace this earth. You were my light in life. Now the world seems so dark without you. I need my Guru ~ I need him here. I need you to enlighten me on how to survive this hell I call daily life. Then I close my eyes. I let the tears roll down my face and I take a deep breath. Then there you are, for a brief moment, there you are embracing me ~ reminding me to just simply put one foot in front of the other. I miss you my Guru. I miss hugging and walk, laughing and talking to MY wise man. Thank you for the endless lessons you taught me. I shall forever be your student.
Around the world and back again~

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