Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Whisper

 Dearest Trick~
Among the endless hours I spend in therapy or on my yoga mat ~ I listen to hear your whisper. I know that you will not come to me like a ghost that floats down and sits on my bed at night. I know I will not see you as some aberration as I venture in the world. But I hear you whisper to me all the time. We all get “whispers” in life but we lack to listen. You know what I mean, the little signs in life heading us in the right direction. The small symbols reminding us our loved one is watching over us. The tiny feelings we get in our bellies when we know what is the right or wrong choice when facing a decision. The slight voice we hear in our HEARTS not our minds. The faint truth that lives deep in our souls, that is the whisper. I fear that we all tend to not listen. Trick, I am listening with all my being!

And in the silence of life, in the quiet hours of growth I hear you. I hear you rooting me on as I take new steps. I hear you cheering as I claw my way to a new life. I hear you applauding my choices as I discover myself. I hear you clapping as I learn how to breathe alone. I hear you praising me as I dance into who I AM!

If we all listened to the whispers in life, I bet the hardships would be a lot easier. I might not get to hear your voice, but your whisper… it is part of who I am! And that whisper embraces me in the rain, holds me in times of fear, and grips me when I am about to fall. The slightest whisper lives in the essence of who we truly are. It protects us and envelopes our hearts. I listen! I hear you! I hear you telling me to make a home for myself. I hear you telling me to take chances. I hear you telling me that in time it all will be okay. I hear you! I might crave your voice, your laugh, and your touch. What I get is your whisper ~ the soft knowledge that is part of you inside of me.  I listen not with my ears but with my heart. My heart is open and waiting for more whispers.
Around the world and back again~

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