Saturday, November 5, 2011

Bucket List

Dearest Trick~
People are always talking about their bucket lists. These catalogs of things they want to do or accomplish prior to leaving the earth. I never gave it much thought. I know that if you had one, you were never given the time or knowledge to finish it. So I found myself in the quite of the morning, before the sun came up thinking of my bucket list. Here it goes:
~ Touch a life of another to an extent that their actions affect change
~ Become a mother
~ Go to Tibet and spread some of your ashes
~ Laugh so hard that I need to take a shower because the tears have stained my face
~Publish lots of my writing
~ Help another on their path in life
~Be able to sit still in the quietness and learn something from it
~ Find peace in a world without you
~ Dance again in the arms of another
~Walk the length of a marathon
~ Look in the mirror and LIKE what I see
~ See foreign lands and travel
~ Create a non -profit for acting for inner city youth in your namesake
~ Open my heart again
~ Forgive anyone and everyone that has ever hurt me
~ Plant a garden
~ Remember the past without it holding me hostage in the present
~Find a place to call HOME
~ Leave a mark on this earth but not footprints for others to walk in, as we all should create our own paths in life

There is my list! I guess the thing I can’t put on the list but I hope will happen when I accomplish all of this… is to SEE YOU AGAIN. So I am set to check off items on this list of life. Notice that on the list there was no mention of  “marrying the man of your dreams” ~ I already got to check that one off.
Around the world and back again~

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