Friday, November 11, 2011

Ordinary Life

Dearest Trick~
It seems that everyone is so busy trying to live some extraordinary life. They are so consumed by the concept of MORE that the ordinary gets pushed to the side. Life becomes so chaotic and overwhelming that they forget to enjoy or even SEE the little things that make up daily life. I wish I could STOP everyone. I wish I could SCREAM at the top of my lungs and make them aware of all they have in the ORDINARY life they live!

What I would give to just live an ordinary life?! How lucky I would be to be able to make YOU a cup of coffee in the morning. How lovely the ordinary act of us walking Norm the wonder dog as a FAMILY would be. How incredible the concept of being able to watch a TV show and get to laugh along side you instead of by myself. How fabulous a thought it would be to be able to buy food for TWO at the grocery store. How awesome the ordinary notion of talking about your day to partner is to me. How splendid it would be to be able to wash your clothes and fold them, knowing you would wear them once again. How marvelous it would feel to be able to kiss your face as I walk out the door to face the day. How grand it would feel to do the ordinary act of sleeping in the same bed of someone you love, knowing that if a bad dream shall rear it’s head you have someone to wake up. How magnificent it would be to be able to send you a text and get one in return. How fantastic it would feel to have an ordinary hug on a daily basis.

We are so busy trying to create the extraordinary that this world of ordinary that I long for is taken for granted by everyone around me. If we that are here on earth could just appreciate the ordinary little nuances of daily life, I have a funny feeling those of you up in heaven would be proud. How grand this world would be if we all stopped for a moment and lived the ordinary and saw how unbelievably EXTRODINARY the ordinary can truly be! Until the day I get to communicate with you in an “ordinary” way, these letters will have to do. Loving you and all the amazing ordinary moments you have given me as memories.
Around the world and back again~

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