Wednesday, November 2, 2011

One Lucky Lady

Dearest Trick~
I know that many would see my life as hardship and unfair turmoil. But, I can’t help but think that I am ONE LUCKY LADY! How lucky I am to have had almost 11 years with a man who saw ME, my spirit not just the body standing in front of him. I am lucky to have danced in rain with a partner and not solo through the greater part of my 20’s. I had a companion to journey through life’s rough waters and calm seas ~ yup pretty lucky. Only a lucky lady would be held when needed and released when it was necessary for growth. I had EVERYTHING because I had you. So now when the world is a little darker, a little scarier, a little harsher ~ I feel the luck I have by being able to simply close my eyes and think of you.

It is our perception of our lives and awareness of our selves that guide how our days play out. I understand that there are many that never get the kind of love you gave me. I am mindful that many spend their lives not appreciating what is before them, but waiting for more. Oh my love, I appreciate, I embrace, I revel, I am LUCKY.

I am lucky because even now I can taste the air as it fills my lungs ~ even if it is not as sweet as it was when you were here. I am lucky because I can remember how to laugh with all my being from your humor and be back in touch with that. I am lucky because although there are few, you have sent just the right people into my life to support me through this. I am lucky because I get to wake up each day and have a new adventure. It is hard because it lacks to have you, but I am lucky enough to venture on for us both. I am lucky!

All the years I was able to enjoy you as you graced the earth I was keenly aware of my luck. So why now would I feel any different. You used to say, “we have the best of bad luck” ~ maybe that is not totally true. Maybe, just maybe I am plain old lucky for the universe let me smile, dance, laugh, love, cry, hope, dream, embrace, and BE your wife!!!!! And one day I will be lucky enough to see you again. I will be lucky enough to feel your arms around me and feel the warmth of your kiss. Until then, I am and will always be YOUR lucky lady!
Around the world and back again~

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