Saturday, November 12, 2011

Not Fair

Dearest Trick~
It is infinitely easy for me to say that life is not fair. Others effortlessly respond with how cruel and unfair the world has been towards me. It is not fair that I no long get to kiss your lips, hear your laugh, feel your embrace, and have your support. It is unfair that I no longer have you by my side, have a person to share my life with, have the chance to follow our dreams. How simple it is to see my life and the loss of yours as not fair!

But when I take a step back, when I see the big picture I realize how very wrong this line of thinking is. It WAS fair for me to get to have a best friend, partner, lover, dreamer, and comedian every day for almost 11 years. I am blessed to have had only one argument in all those years. I am lucky to have known true love ~ something many never experience in a lifetime. Yes in the quite hours I fall into the hole of thinking how unfair life has been to me. And then in the silence ~ the wind, like you whispering in my ear brings reality to me.

What is NOT fair is that there are hungry children in the world. What is not fair is that many elderly are not able to afford or given all the medication they need. What is not fair is that our men and women of the armed forces often live bellow poverty line. What is not fair is that teachers are underpaid and over worked. What is not fair is that there are illnesses that lack to have cures. What is not fair is that there are homeless in EVERY city in this country. What is not fair is that there are thousands of children in the “system” that lack to have an adult to call their own. What is not fair is that most families have more month then money. What is not fair is that animals must be killed each day because shelters are over crowded. What is not fair is that abuse happens behind closed door each day.

So maybe I should see how unbelievably FAIR my world has been for I had you. It might be hard to take steps each day with you gone, but what would have been unfair is not having had the chance to love you, and be loved by you at all. If we all saw how truly FAIR our lives are, maybe we all would be a bit happier. Missing you and grateful that the world was fair to me for 11 wonderful years.
Around the world and back again~

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