Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Dearest Trick~
Sudden death makes your life suddenly SUCK! Suddenly the dreams you once had disappear. Suddenly the picture you had painted of your life is shredded. Suddenly your vision of who you are is warped. Suddenly everyone around you says the wrong things and acts the wrong way. Suddenly it feels like the world is attacking you. Suddenly hopes vanish into the abyss. Suddenly you are left lost in a land filled with maps. Suddenly your heart hurts in an indescribable way. Suddenly joy evaporates into the air for others to breathe.

And then as suddenly as it all happen, as suddenly as you were taken from me time passes. The “sudden” becomes the “permanent” and …
Suddenly I learned to laugh again. Suddenly I found out who I can be. Suddenly I embraced the tears. Suddenly I accepted the pain. Suddenly I felt YOU with me. Suddenly I found MY voice. Suddenly I knew you would never really leave me. Suddenly I became powerful. Suddenly I found a way to be my authentic self!

I know you were suddenly ripped out of my arms, but you were NEVER ripped from my heart!
Around the world and back again~

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