Tuesday, July 12, 2011

On the road

Dearest Trick~
I have been on the road for a few weeks. Some stops have been for you ~ the Cubs, GLC, Brenner Mountain. Some stops have been for me ~ MA, Vegas and NV/AZ/UT. But what really has happened is that I am on the road all the time because I lack to know what or where home is. In truth YOU were my home. It never mattered where we were ~ as long as we were together I felt that feeling of home. So I guess for a long time to come I will feel like I am on the road. I want you to know that part of this road trip I call life is beyond hard. I feel like I lack a map and the directions or even the destination for that matter seem so unclear. Then there are moments where I pull over the metaphoric car and see the most beautiful sunset. I do not want you to worry~ I am doing this road trip like a trooper. I have noticed the help you have sent and put in my path. The friends that join me on this new adventure, the gas (strength) that continues to drive me. You, have always been the one to map out our plans. I have had to learn that this was not plan but just a rough adventure that has been thrusted on us. I miss you endlessly and wish that you were at all the road side stops I take. Then I think for a moment and realize you are. You are always with me, you are my GPS in this new adventure I call life. I love you and am honored that you are watching over me. 
Around the world and back again

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