Thursday, July 21, 2011


Dearest Trick~
In life there are labels for everything.  There are labels on our food, on our clothes, on our beds ~ I mean they are everywhere. And then there are the labels we give one another as humans. These days I find myself with two labels. One I love very dearly and I hold it dear in my heart. The other one I HATE. Yes I just used the word hate and I know it is a strong word.
Let's start with the label I hate ~ that of widow. It is like the minute you left this earth everyone's view of me, the world's view of me changed. I was no longer Ali or Alasin. I was no longer Mrs. DeVeny or Mrs. D or Alikat. I was not sister or daughter or friend. I was now and will forever be labeled WIDOW and it is a horror to have a label like this. It screws with your identity and it makes you feel like you are walking around with a big W across your chest. When you are young like me the label is accompanied by sad looks and pity (both things I do not like).
Now the label I love ~ Pat's WIFE. I know that Social Security no longer sees me in this role. I know many insurance companies and credit cards refuse to call me MRS. anymore. Well that is their issue. For the rest of my days on earth I will carry this label with pride. I mean really do you think death could possibly end US. I think not.
I am learning to be a part of a new world where my labels have changed. One thing that has not is my love for you.
Around the world and back again~

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