Wednesday, February 29, 2012

There Is No Crying In Baseball!

Dearest Trick~
I remember when we first moved in together and the preverbal ‘other shoe’ dropped. You LOVED baseball~ aarrggghhhhhh! Growing up in New York I might have been the only person in the whole state that found the game of hitting a ball with a bat boring. And there you were in Los Angles CA dressed to the nines in Chicago CUBS gear. So simply you exposed me to your love, your team ~ the very special CUBS. Instantly I was fan, even if I did not understand the game, I understood the excitement and the love of rooting for an underdog.

“There is no crying in baseball!” But year after year us sports fans tend to cry more then we cheer. Our hearts are broken again and again as we lack to make the playoffs, win the World Series (the Stanley Cup, Super Bowl, US Open… you get the idea) be the ones that end up on top. But my love, that might be the root of the problem we fans have in rooting. You see as humans we spend too much time waiting for the end result, fighting for the glory, climbing and clawing our way to win. And in that, we miss the most unique and amazing moments. We forget to focus on the little gains. The batboy who dreamed of walking on Wrigley green holding wood in his hand~ that is beautiful. Or the rookie getting to bat for the very first time, look that comes on his face, the joy that fills his heart even when he strikes out. Just as a walk in the rain with you was better to me then a ‘grand slam’ dinner out! Even the losses, even when our teams (*or life for that matter) is on a losing streak ~ we have awesome moments to grow and laugh and love.

This game of life is so much like baseball. It can have extra innings or end quite quickly, it can be rained out at times or be a three-beer afternoon with friends. So maybe if we all looked sports for the little moments of greatness and not the big wins, maybe if we all looked at life like that ~ maybe just maybe this game we all play would be more memorable, more fulfilling, more fun and most of all more LOVING. You and I as a couple might not have been able to go into extra innings. Our game got rained out way too early. But even in the loss of being able to get up to bat with you again, I feel like I won the world series because for how ever short the time~ I got to play this game with YOU. I will take ever strike that life sends my way. I will laugh as I run the bases and grow and learn. And I find comfort in knowing that there need not be any tears in this ‘life of baseball’ because when I finally slide into home plate YOU will be waiting for me!
Around the world and back again~

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