Friday, February 10, 2012

Rain and Rainbows

Dearest Trick~
The storms that have been raging outside my window this past week have taught me a wonderful lesson. I fear that in life we all let the storms ,“the rain” get the better of us. It gives us an excuse to stay in, hide out, feel sorry for ourselves. But when there is a moment, rare as it might be, when there is a moment when the sun peaks out in the storm~ there is this miracle that happens, it is called a rainbow. All the colors you could imagine melt together and arch above us. The rain in life, the hardship, the pain, the suffering also leads to the beauty that when we take a second to look ~ surrounds us.

The hurricanes of my world without you has consumed me lately. It is as if you have traveled farther away and I long to reach you. I disappear under my blankets to shield me from this pain of loss that has become overwhelming recently. But I stepped outside today. I let the water pound on my face. I let the thunder be my voice, screaming out the pain I am not able to verbalize. I stomped in the puddles of this suffering and somehow I found myself splashing. You see my love, as children we run in the rain, we laugh in the thunder, you dance in the puddles. And all I had to do was stop for one moment. All I had to do was give myself permission to let the tears roll like waves out of my eyes. All I had to do was splash . All I had to do was to look up as I have been looking down for nine long months. And there it was, there you were, there was the rainbow.

I learned that no matter how dark our world may seem, there is a drop of light~ always. That in the storms of life we can find some of the most beautiful views ever. Well honey, it is time for me to go dance in the rain again, to splash in the pain, jump in the puddles of hardship and through it all take the moments to see the amazing beauty you have sent my way. I am not sure where you are? But for now, I would like to think of you as ‘somewhere over the rainbow’. 

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