Saturday, October 29, 2011

1/2 year

Dearest Trick~
A half of a year~ 6 months, so much can happen in that time. In the length of time since you have been gone babies have gone from bellies into the world. Children have gone from crawling to walking. Teens have gone from asking parents for a ride to driving them. Friends have gone from single to living with a partner. People have picked up new hobbies and mastered them. A semester of education has been completed for some who are in school. Friends have trained and ran a marathon.  New houses were found, bid on, bought and moved into. Friends went form engaged to married. People have moved states and moved their lives in positive directions.  New lives were created. The list goes on and on.

In the 6 months I HAVE ~ learned to breath through the pain, walk with no hand to hold, travel alone, pay the bills and TRY to balance a check book. I have moved to a new state, slept in a bed that lacks to bring rest, and climbed many mountains. I have thrown myself into therapy, bent my body like a pretzel in yoga, cared for our dog, unpacked your things. I have seen a new person in the mirror, cried an endless amount of tears, laughed over memories and explored new places. I have taken RISKS, shared my heart, exposed my soul, and undressed my feeling for all to see. In ½ year I have GROWN against my will, but did it.

They say that time heals everything. I beg to differ. Today I find to be harder then last month or the month before. This milestone seems unreal and it pulls you further from me. How did I survive this long? How is it that each day I find the strength to go on? Then I close my eyes and realize that it is so simple ~ YOU. I have made the growth I have because I have YOU and your spirit holding on to me, supporting me when I want to fall. I have YOU and memories of your laughter to make me smile through the pain. I have YOU leading me to the help and support I need to get through this ~ through the loss of the best person I know.

So be it 6 months, 6 years, 6 decades ~ I will ALWAYS love you!
Around the world and back again~

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