Monday, August 15, 2011

A glimpse

Dear Trick~
Maybe all we get is a glimpse. Maybe just maybe life is but a moment in time when we get to swim in an experance. Maybe we get a glimpse of what our mark could leave on another. Maybe we get but a glimpse of a moment to dance in the presence of greatness. A glimpse is never meant for permance. In essence it is to give but a look, just a moment, just a taste.
Maybe I was to only have a glimpse of you. A glimpse of what it feels like to have someone look into your eyes and see you. A taste for how to laugh in life when there is more month then money. A moment to feel true happiness and to march onward with someone holding your hand. A glimpse of dreams that will remain tucked deep within me. A moment to smile until your face hurts. A second to embrace fear and celebrate the wind, the sun, the rain. I got a glimpse. I got to see how humor can defy pain. I got to feel love and support. I got to play... to be around a man who still lived in childhood. I got a glimpse of greatness because I had you!
And so I do not cry when I think about the fact that all I got was a glimpse. I would rather have but a moment with you then to think of my world never being touched by your.... your ability to touch. I think a glimpse of anything is there to teach us. It is a gift to remind us to grow, to be thankful, to feel. I will forever be grateful for the glimpse of man I got to call my husband.
Around the world and back again~

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  1. "A taste for how to laugh in life when there is more month then money." Wow Al... just wow. Keep writing as giftedly as you do. I know it's helping the both of us as it would anyone with a heart.