Friday, March 30, 2012

Up, Up, Up In The Air

Dearest Trick~
Do you live in the clouds now? In my mind you live in a beautiful space up in the sky... your carpet is fluffy white cotton, your lamp is the sun and at night the stars twinkle just enough so you can see your way to the fridge for an evening snack or to lighting the way to the bathroom. How silly, but this is what I picture. Each step is softened by the wind and you float in a comfort that could not exist here on earth. So my love is it true? When the night falls and I look up to the moon and talk to you, do you hear me? Are you up, up, up in the air? I like to think so.

Now on a plane I find myself so close to you. The bright light shines in the horizon and I can't help but think that maybe ~ just maybe it is you lighting the way for me. I feel closer to you here thousands of feet off the ground then ever. As we climb through the clouds I feel like I am soaring towards you. But like all trips I will land soon and once again leave this closeness, this magical place in the sky, this heaven as I see it. I wish I could walk among the soft cotton I see outside the window. I look desperately for any sign of you. The shapes of the fluffy white puffs change and shift. The sun rises and beautiful orange and reds fill the sky. It is you painting a picture for me~ I know it. I can feel you you up here. It is as if this cramped seat has become the most comfortable furniture I have ever known.

For a brief moment when we fly we are able to cross into this magical space where we get to dance among the heavens. We are shown the most beautiful of visions in the distance. There is peace and silence and if I squint really hard as I look out the window I see you... playing among the horizon, laughing with the angels and welcoming the new souls sent your way.

I now love to travel, love to be on a plane where the miles are erased and you fly with me my love. If you look Trick, if you look really hard you will see it is me waving to you through the window of the flying machine that brings us so close I can almost touch you. Up, up, up in the air is the place where WE are still US. Flying with you in my heart always.
Around the world and back again~

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