Monday, January 30, 2012


Dearest Trick~
I feel you in the wind. Feel you kissing my check and suddenly my world is not so dark anymore. See you in the sun. See you shining down on me and suddenly I feel more complete. The crack in the sidewalk reminds me of my life, broken in some places but still something to walk on. I hear you in the rain. Hear you pounding on my soul, reminding me to dance and slowly move along. I find you in the grass, blades of growth and soft on my soul. Somehow you are there still growing when mowers of life have cut you down. You are my nature, you are all around me. I vision you in the clouds. The puffy softness in the sky is where I think you sit and look down on me.  I smell you in the morning air, crisp and cool in my nose. Like you it fills my lungs with the oxygen necessary to breathe. I walk along in life, looking at all the beauty that surrounds me, but somehow all the colors have blurred since you have gone. The vibrancy is not as bright. The crispness seems to have faded and I am left to try to embrace the nature all-alone. In the mountains I felt your power. Strong rocks covered with snow enclose me. But the peace they once brought is somehow shaken to leave new trails.
I want my nature back. I want the walks to be beside YOU. To feel the sun and snow and wind the way I once did. But that my love can’t be. Those days are gone for good, and yet you still allow me to see the beauty that is this earth. So I find you in the wind, in the sun, in the rain, in the flowers. I feel you in the dirt that I squish my feet in. I feel you in the waves of the ocean as it crashes and in the aroma of the flowers that I still stop to smell.  I guess my nature might be different but you are still there. I find you all around me when my world seems so bland, all I have to do is walk outside.
Around the world and back again~

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