Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Dance So Good

Dearest Trick~
There are moments in life (when we take the time to observe them) that change our perception of the world, more importantly the world we live in. I use to be great at this. How many times did I run in the front door telling you about a quote I heard or an experience I observed that changed or inspired me?? I dread to say that due to the pain I have allowed to encompass who I am as a young widow, I have stopped looking, stopped listening, and stopped having the opportunities that surround all of us all the time. Then… the simplest of moments became one of “those experiences” that restructured my view on life.

Yesterday morning a dear friend of mine began dancing around in the studio he was staying at. As you can guess it was in the area between the kitchen and the living space. His arms shook like a blender. His feet slid like a gold medalist on ice. His hips rocked like waves crashing on sand. But what astounded me was the smile that rose to his face, the joy that was released from every pore on his body. How lucky am I to be able to have viewed such a spectacle, such a moment of true delight. There was no inhabitations, no questions of how to be, there was no thought… just movement, just love, just moments of enchantment. I had this brief chance to be blown away by the joy another was expressing and experiencing in such a raw way.

So here I found myself once again opening my eyes, my heart and my soul to these “moments”, these chances to learn about ourselves and our views through observation. I couldn’t help but laugh and smile when I saw him dance. His movements were silly and floppy, and I found this thing start grow inside of me. I was not sure what it was to tell you the truth. But that all became very clear this morning. While taking a shower (a mundane routine we all do) I began to think about that moment yesterday. I felt the corners of my mouth rise up. I looked down and in the silence I found my toes splashing in the water. They were moving to the beat of the earth, of my heart, of my world. Songs rushed into my mind. Sounds of music filled every cell in my body and as I stood there with my hair filled with shampoo I began to dance… and I mean REALLY dance. Soap got in my eyes, water got everywhere and I couldn’t care less. Then this thing, this thing I felt yesterday started to grow. It was kind of like in the Grinch when his heart “grew three sizes that day”. It took me a moment and then I realized so clearly what it was~ happiness!!!! I had forgotten what true happiness in the moment felt like. I have spent so much time remembering the happiness I once had I have forgotten to embrace that feeling in the here and now.

So I dance, I hug the happiness that surrounds me all the time. I am open to allowing it to two-step into my heart. I will let it rave through my being.  I will twirl into new instants of joy. If only we all stopped and looked at the simple things around us that can restructure our concepts, our views, our happiness. I let memories of you and our happiness dance through my mind, but I let life today be the music that inspires me.
Around the world and back again~

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