Saturday, September 8, 2012

A New Path

Dearest Trick~
In life there lacks to always be directions. Sometimes there are moments that we are lost, deep in the woods of our souls. And being lost, being without control of the navigation of your own life can be beyond uncomfortable. Yet, when you embrace the confusion~ the unknown path that you are on, it becomes an adventure, it becomes (although hard) a journey to growth. I find myself on this new path. I find myself on a journey I never planned, never pictured, never wanted. I am left to walk solo, to travel uncharted land. And for a little over a year, I have been uncomfortable, unsettled, unhappy, unsure, and aching for one thing… YOU! I thought that adventures were not possible with out my main guide in life. You always had a way of navigating all the hardships and happiness that came our way.

But here I am in a new city, in a state WE never graced together, in a new job, making new friends, and trying to embrace the expedition that I am on. Maybe the unknown makes me a better person. Maybe although you lack to walk next to me, you join me in this adventure inside my heart. Maybe I still get to dance in the sunlight even if I am lost in the woods. This new path is amazing and painful and special and it is missing… you! I have found friends that have become new family, I have welcomed the quietness of living alone, I have hiked new hills and seen sunsets from a new point of view. This path is beautiful and I am lucky enough to walk it. I walk with my head high, I walk knowing that the rain and storms of life might come~ but I will stand, I walk embracing the winds of change.

The path of life may lead us to the highest of mountains or into the darkest of caves; it may show us beautiful nature or unbelievable storms. But the path must be walked for standing still will certainly end this trip we call life. And so I walk on and on and on… I miss you and I know that your spirit lights this path. I know that in the darkness you will send me light, I know that when the climb seems too steep, you will give me strength to keep crawling. The new path is mine to take… I can step lightly worried about how my feet will land~ instead I dance, skip, and run allowing every moment, every view, every part of this trip to be etched in to the map that is my life. Thanks Trick for always being my compass.
Around the world and back again~

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  1. I'm willing to bet you are the "tour guide" to more than you think. It's funny because tonight I'm back on the quilt. I took time off from it and tonight I decided to open the doors to my sewing room and get back at it. Sending you love and great power from Denver. Today it was beautiful and I thought of Pat because fall is coming and I knew I was coming home to work on his quilt. Awesome post. XXOO