Saturday, July 21, 2012

Inch by Inch

Dearest Trick~
You always use to say to me, “inch by inch it’s a synch, yard by yard is awfully hard”.  I have given that advice many times since you left and went to heaven. But here I find myself having lacked to follow your amazing words of wisdom.  Today it hit me…. Practice what Trick preached.  With this advice I have been able to:
~Pack 9 boxes of memories
~Go through EVERY file and paper you and I kept ,and release those that I no longer needed
~Take a walk even when I thought I had more to do then there are hours in the day (the walk was important for my mental health)
~Laugh… yup I laughed today
~Filled out papers for my new job
~Embraced the change that is happening in my life
~Stop and actually smell the flowers (on the tree outside)
~Drink a cup of tea in pure silence

I still have a ton to pack. I still have more paperwork to fill out. I still have a scary new life and move ahead of me. But for now I feel okay, I feel accomplished, I feel like each inch I take is a win. You were right, you have always been right. It is much easier to tackle life a little at a time. Maybe that is the key to all of this … to this life I live. Maybe all I need to do is live in the present moment, accomplish what I can in that moment, and be proud of even the smallest of steps. So I shall take life inch by inch but I miss you yard by yard because my love, it is beyond hard!!!!
Around the world and back again~

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